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    Hartford CT

    Hartford has pretty much been propped up by the large number of white collar jobs in the downtown these last several decades. Much of the upper and middle class stopped living there some 50 years ago escaping to the suburbs around it. That has created today's Hartford which has a very large...
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    Infill and Small Developments | Providence

    The Capital Center Commission was created by the state back in 1981 to administer the land made available by the moving of the river and railroad tracks. It appears to still be in existence but I would agree it does not seem all that active. The last parcels developed were the 2019 Homewood...
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    Infill and Small Developments | Providence

    These are the last remaining undeveloped parcels from the Capital Center project that uncovered the rivers and moved the railroad tracks. This land became available some 40 years ago. Anyone thinking that the 195 Knowledge & Innovation District will be soon completely redeveloped should look...
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    About time. Ruth's Chris is some two years behind schedule. They announced they would open a Worcester location back in 2019 with a projected opening in 2020.
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    195 Providence Innovation & Design District

    The one story structure to the left in your photo will be the urban market that is rumored to be Trader Joe's.
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    Will it be within sight of the canal? :LOL:
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    Kennedy Plaza Redesign & RIPTA Multi-Hub Proposal | Providence
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    Framingham Developments

    Bancroft's close proximity to the vast Cushing Park is a plus.
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    Industrial National Trust (Superman Building) | Downtown | Providence
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    Photo of the Day, Providence Style

    The corner building you saw them in and where they are standing outside in your bottom photo was the old ornate Beaux-Arts Providence Journal Building. I recall seeing them there years ago but not recently. There is a currently stalled proposal to turn this and the adjacent Kresge building...
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    Bristol Yarn Mill Residences | 125 Thames Street | Bristol

    The Bristol Planning Board has given preliminary approval for the conversion and renovation of the former Robin Rug mill complex on the waterfront into a 127 unit housing and retail development. The project has been proposed by Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC, which redeveloped the former...
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    Food Hall | Union Station | Providence

    The worst least friendly pedestrian intersection is where Memorial Blvd and Francis St meet. It has many lanes and basically includes the on and off ramps to Routes 95 and 10. Planners specifically built the glass overpass above and have no pedestrian crossing designated on that side of...
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    Food Hall | Union Station | Providence

    Very few people choose to go up the stairs and cross all the lanes of Memorial Blvd to get between Waterplace Park and the Union Station complex. There is a far better and less stenuous option with the large and wide tunnel with skylights letting natural light in that connects the two places at...
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    Food Hall | Union Station | Providence

    The surface parking lot is still far better than the elevated railroad tracks that once occupied this space and cut the city in half for some 90 years. Thankfully the tracks are underground through the downtown area today.
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    Food Hall | Union Station | Providence

    The food hall would be in the building to the left in the photo. It would also include outdoor space in the plaza in front of it. The tunnel (gray open arch) to the ice rink is on the left with the arched tunnel (below Memorial Blvd) to Waterplace Park directly opposite it on the right. The...