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    Ollie | 217 Albany St | South End

    Hey, if it was this Ollie's, this property is basically across the street from Amazon East (not official name) in Arlington VA.
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    NEXUS - THAIC | 250, 280 and 305 Western Avenue | Allston

    It says something about Boston and the Commonwealth that the EIS for this project is 933 pages. As an aside, with respect to the discussion on another thread about the location of the Speedway, this project is located across the street from Speedway Ave. (Speedway Ave. runs off the north side...
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    ⚫ Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    A main reason for the hotel may be to provide amenities for the condo residences. In reviewing designs for another Four Seasons residences, I came to realize the residents don't cook their own meals, or drive their own cars, and they don't order from DoorDash. Only 40 of 160 units sold...
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    Suffolk Downs Redevelopment | East Boston

    The scars of Pruitt Igoe and Cabrini Green and their kin cut very deep in the psyche of developers and city planners, and have never healed. Essentially, these projects -- with 3,000, 4,000 units in tall buildings proximate to each other -- were warehousing people who had no ownership stake...
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    Gillette Headquarters Bldg Redevelopment | 1 Granite | South Boston

    I agree with Arlington's and nakedi's key points. My recollection is that the technologically advanced, high end razors are mostly made in the U.S., and the more utilitarian (cheaper) razors are mostly made outside of the U.S.. And I have a dimmer recollection that one or two production lines...
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    Gillette Headquarters Bldg Redevelopment | 1 Granite | South Boston

    ^^^From the Globe article. I read this as indicating manufacturing likely moves to Andover, Gillette builds a new building for R&D and HQ functions at Fort Point, and sells off about 30 of its 34 acres in Southie. 30 acres at $50 million an acre = $1.5 billion. Subtract cost of moving the...
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    Design a Better Fort Point Channel

    Neither the city nor the Commonwealth own the Fort Point Channel, so it can't be filled in. The 'owner' of Fort Point Channel is the capitalized entity below.
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    Cost of building subsidized housing in California reaching stratospheric levels: $900,000 per unit in San Francisco

    The $900,000 per unit in San Francisco From...
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    Harvard bought this property about the same time it was swapping land to create a site for 'new' Charlesview IIRC, the property was some sort of specialized machine shop. See link below to streetview image from 2013. The height of the new housing is...
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    ⚫ Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    Ain't no crane tall enough.
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    The 27 foot tall bronze statue at Smith playground was donated by Boston Properties. They spent millions reconstructing this playground, and I didn't think there was money in the budget for a giant bronze.
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    Harvard Square Infill and Small Developments

    Farewell to Out of Town News.
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    Seaport Transportation

    Shirley is all in on a circulator bus system. Seems undersized with respect to number of buses, bus capacity, frequency.
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    North Washington St Bridge

    ^^^Not necessarily. When water freezes, it gives up heat. The air temperature around a bridge over water would likely be warmer than if the same...
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    Curbed wrote that one parking level is being dropped, which cuts 50 parking spaces.