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    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    @SomervilleRed According to the CX website, the triangle is going to be public, although not very grand -- just a few trees and a Blue Bikes station: \
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    Station Landing | Wellington Circle | Medford

    Are you sure? The B&T article specifies the yard as part of the project, and so does that RFI.
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    Station Landing | Wellington Circle | Medford

    I'm very curious about what will happen with the 800'+ walkway. It really should be activated with some retail, or at least some benches and vegetation. Maybe even extend Earhart Landing as a pedestrian-only path to the station, and activate that as well. I'm afraid the developer will leave the...
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    City Hall Plaza Revamp | Government Center

    I suppose it's an improvement.
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    Suffolk Downs Redevelopment | East Boston/Revere

    It's like a hybrid between CX and some of the recent Fenway developments.
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    Viola | Mass DOT Parcel 13 | Boylston & Mass Ave | Back Bay

    Either commit to some wacky geometry all over, or go for some repeating rectangles. This is a horrible compromise between the two. Peebles continues to be a running joke.
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    Assembly Innovation Park | 5 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    The private side probably isn't catering to walk-ins. They're only trying to impress people who come in on the OL or by car.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Is $20M federal enough to expect center-running bus lanes and stations? It looks like Boston spent about $13M on ~0.7 miles of Columbus Ave, and Lynnway is ~1.7 miles, so I'm afraid the answer will be No.
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    66 Cambridge Street | Charlestown

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the ground levels of these buildings. Adding retail is huge for this area, and I like that the patio space extends into a nook away from the edge of the street. These renders show the Spice St parking lot paved and painted, but they're not in any of the diagrams. Is...
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    Bath, Maine

    I miss the red on the entrance and the big windows on the connector.
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    The overall massing of the building wouldn't be all that bad. It's in the same ballpark as One Canal, The Beverly, etc. However, unlike those buildings, this cladding emphasizes width over height. The lines of the design run horizontally instead of vertically. That's what makes it look so out of...
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    Back Bay Garage Tower | Dartmouth and Stuart | Back Bay

    I'm telling myself that the ground level is okay, so any blandness 30 feet up is not going to ruin anything.
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    Arsenal Yards | Arsenal Mall Redevelopment | Watertown

    I'd be more than happy to see dedicated lanes, but I'm not sure it's realistic, at least in the short term. Lanes either need to be added or converted. Maybe there'll be a chance when the office park goes up across the street. Anecdotally, the 70 gets stuck waiting at red lights quite a bit...
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    Arsenal Yards | Arsenal Mall Redevelopment | Watertown

    Even just giving transit signal priority to the 70 (and upcoming 15-minute T70) would go a long way.
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    1400 Boylston Street | Star Market & Gulf | Fenway

    The style fits in with the rest of Boylston + Brookline, so I don't feel super negative about the design. That said, the amount of parking seems too high, even by the city's own standards. Also, I'm not sure this park adds much value. There's already a ton of green space in the area. This new...