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Old Colony & Newport on Aquidneck Island in RI hosts speeder clubs in-season in between passenger train slots on the very much active Newport Secondary. Check that one out, as it's definitely close to Boston and there's plenty else to make a day of in and around Newport.
The wife and I did that a couple of years ago, and it was fun but exhausting! We did it with a toddler, too - he seemed to enjoy the ride.
I wasn't sure where to place this. Interesting video about Freeway Caps. Boston comes in at #2 with the Prudential/Hynes/Copley complex!
This may or may not be of interest to anyone here, but for the record I work residential real estate photography/video/floor plans as a full-time job now and I'm in around 10-12 properties per week. I see the good, the bad and the downright chaotic -- I never know what I'm stepping into.

Case in point, I had a job yesterday in Newburyport that was an absolute 1985 time capsule. The washer and dryer were newer, and the stove and refrigerator look a little more 1990s to me, but otherwise this place was completely untouched. Nothing terribly special, and definitely not a museum piece, but it was by far the best preserved example of a standard 1980s American house that I have yet come across. Another key point here is that while it showed clear signs of heavy use, it did not show signs of abuse or neglect, which is a key distinction to make when coming across homes of this vintage.

And considering I was born in 1983 and this is what virtually every house looked like when I was a kid, it REALLY hit me square between the eyes and thrust me back in time by a good solid 25-30 years.


The outside is in good shape; a new roof and fixing some of the trim that has fell victim to woodpeckers is all that's happening to the exterior


FINALLY I was here just to get a floor plan for renovation purposes. The realtor bought it and is going to flip it, in which case what you see here is not long for the world. I was there only to make a floor plan for their contractor, so the photos you see are just iPhone shots that I took almost for archival purposes more than anything else



Absolutely gorgeous fluorescent fixture :ROFLMAO:



In my line of work I have to open every single door, and I was NOT expecting this pink closet with parquet flooring



Down in the basement... anyone need some shelving?



Now in the living room.... that's the "Matterport" scanning camera at right that creates the 3D virtual "dollhouse" tours you might have seen on Zillow or the like. It also generates a super accurate 2D floor plan


That two-tone paint :cool:


Slate entry?


Also dig that wood paneling around the stairs




Coral and brass... a match made in heaven



Again with the brass faceplates... I don't recall seeing these (often? ever?) back in the day





Master suite, are those the imprints of a waterbed?? That would certainly fit the vintage. Also note the wraparound heat register vvv


And finally, the linen closet


IMO this is the most 1985 pattern in existence


It immediately makes me think of Marty McFly's shirt

It's got real potential with just some paint. I would paint all that woodwork white except for the flooring of course. New appliances and some new fixtures, and you've got a winner.
Oh good lord above—not only did I grow up down the street from this house, but I knew the family that used to live there and have been inside. It is basically unchanged. This is throwing me for quite the loop; thanks for sharing!

Amazing! Never in a million years did I think anyone here would have lived by it or been inside.... what a nice coincidence. Turkey Hill Road FTW!
Anyone taking bets on Logan snow totals for this weekend?
What's the O/U at now? I'm guessing it started the day around 10.5 but heavy action on the over pushed that line up to like 16.5? I'm taking the over either way!
Anyone else enjoying Jim Cantore hanging out down on Long Wharf all day?
Now that we're in this fun phase where people are pretty much going to restaurants/bars/coffee shops as they please (pre-pandemic like), yet many people still have lots of Zoom meetings, thus has proliferated a type of obnoxious character (that existed pre-pandemic, but in much smaller numbers):
"That Guy" who loudly participates in his zoom meeting in a coffee shop surrounded by people trying to quietly read/work.
Any typical coffee shop now always has 3-4 people who are blissfully/obliviously in Loud Zoom Mode at any given time.
If you used to like coffee shops, stock up on your noise cancelling headphones, folks.
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RIP Taylor Hawkins. This shit is horrible.
Still can't believe it. Foos are one of my favorite bands, and I've seen them live many times - back when they toured with Weezer they swapped Dave and Taylor for Cold Day in the Sun and it was excellent.

This is how I'll remember him - a perfect encapsulation
Still can't believe it. Foos are one of my favorite bands, and I've seen them live many times - back when they toured with Weezer they swapped Dave and Taylor for Cold Day in the Sun and it was excellent.

This is how I'll remember him - a perfect encapsulation
One of my greatest regrets is not seeing the Foos live.