1141 Bennington Street | East Boston


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May 6, 2007
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PNF: https://bpda.app.box.com/s/gibh2e25v063ee03d02kb5txvh6ze4t9







That brick is so being VE'd. Little surprised they are able to go that tall that close to the airport. It must not be directly in the flight path but it does look like it's very close. I wonder what it's like sleeping there.
The style lately with buildings of this size has been flat walls with flat windows, as seen here and Kenmore Square North, among others. A line of 3-dimensional relief along the tops of the windows like having a row of the bricks protrude out, would help break up all the flatness.
That brick is so being VE'd. Little surprised they are able to go that tall that close to the airport. It must not be directly in the flight path but it does look like it's very close. I wonder what it's like sleeping there.

I don't think that's brick. The PNF calls it "fine grain terra cotta".
Infer from this what you will.View attachment 15470
From the document, the following doesn't say what the materials are, for the most part:


A mix of natural materials in warm and muted tones are proposed for the Project. Each elevation has a distinct materiality responding to the interior programmatic functions and external contextual cues. At the active corner of Bennington and Palermo Streets, the ground level consists of a high percentage of vision glass which optimizes views as it extends to the underside of a wood soffit. The wood softens the transition from retail and amenity to residential floors above. At this highly visible corner, the Proponent selected a fine grain terracotta which will also reference the scale and color of the residential neighborhood. Larger windows with subtle black frames will give the Project’s residents sweeping views of the surrounding neighborhood and the marsh.

The Bennington Street building elevations highlighted in the previous section will be a neutral, white siding to create a high contrast surface for shadows throughout the day. The Project Architect simulated many material types and colors along this elevation, and eventually considered a simple white the ideal backdrop for this dynamic façade.

Along the elevations facing the Belle Isle Marsh, careful consideration of the elevational change from Palermo Street to Austin Avenue is taken by the Project to promote accessible community connectivity to the marsh. The transition from retail to amenity, and the use of a double height space facing the marsh, promotes additional views and allows stepping in the façade. While this corner at Palermo Street and Austin Avenue continues to be highly transparent, the resident amenity space at grade gradually transitions to more of a solid base.

The above residential floors are a mix of white, gray and wood tone siding to assist in scaling down the mass of the buildings. Private balconies scattered throughout these elevations provide added depth to the façade and opportunity for residents to enjoy a peaceful outdoor moment overlooking the marsh."
Talk about amenities! The park across the street is Belle Isle marsh. Awesome.

UHub coverage here--glad to see that this will be a mostly all-electric building, with only 2 nat gas hookups for a proposed cafe and possible backup generator!

I'm curious, what's the rough breakdown of new Boston residential with gas availability vs. electric-only?
I really like the project, it looks exciting, creates an edge to the neighborhood as well as cleans up the MBTA area and the "marsh front" that typically becomes a trash receptacle. I'm surprised the building is not designed almost as a pier foundation along the marsh where the building sits in the FEMA line. I thought that a basement design that is susceptible to flooding was frowned upon. No flood insurance, that's for sure.

Vacant land in East Boston to become housing and retail space at 1141 Bennington Street

Live: 220 residential units, 31 income-restricted units, 12 family-sized income-restricted units, accessibility for hearing impaired
Work: Approximately 225 construction jobs, new retail space
Connect: Investments to improve the streetscape, close proximity to MBTA stations, onsite Bluebikes spaces
Sustain: LEED Gold, all-electric residences, rooftop solar system, 40 trees to be planted

“What is currently vacant land will be converted into housing for the East Boston neighborhood. The site is vacant due to a catastrophic fire which destroyed the New England Casket Company in 2019. The new, mixed-use building will be six-stories, and made up of residential and retail space. There will be 220 residential units, 31 of which will be income-restricted. The project will also include bike storage, publicly accessible open space, and public realm improvements. Some of these public realm improvements include new crosswalks and bike lanes. Consistent with PLAN: East Boston, one of the reconfigured intersections will provide a new bicycle crossing at Bennington Street, connect to the future shared-use path along Austin Avenue, and reclaim excess pavement for enhanced public realm, landscaping, and green infrastructure. In addition, this project will include the creation of a two-way separated bike lane on Bennington Street. The project is located within the planning boundaries of PLAN: East Boston, an ongoing planning initiative that began in 2018. The recommendations in the plan include active ground floor uses supported by added height and density and transformational public realm improvements. Staff review focused on ensuring a building massing and height that is sensible to the neighborhood’s character, mitigating building impact on the Belle Isle Marsh, and securing street and sidewalk improvements that include environmental protection and resilience measures for the community while preserving the Marsh as a natural resource. This will be a transit-oriented development, as it is in close proximity to public transportation. In addition the project will contribute $60,923 to the Boston Transportation Department in support of the bikeshare system.”