2011 aB Awards Winners


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May 25, 2006
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Voting has ended for the 2011 archBOSTON Awards. Thanks to all who voted this year.

View the voting and winners in each of the following categories:

Best Photo
Best New Development Completed in 2011
Best Proposed Development
Worst New Development Completed in 2011
Worst Proposed Development
Worst Empty Parcel
Hall of Fame
Hall of Shame

To view this years winners along with all past winners on one page, visit the rough WIP permanent awards page (it will be pretty and informative soon, I promise): http://www.archboston.org/awards/

General discussion/reactions to the awards go here please.
I like the info pages. Can we definitely get blown-up versions of the photos on them?
i would like to propose 2 changes for the awards next year to solve a couple of problems that we had this year.

1) any building or project nominated for Hall of Fame/Shame must be at least 20 years old.

2) Each nominator is allowed a maximum of 3 (maybe 5?) nominations per thread.

This way we don't have the problem of 36 hall of fame suggestion,s or brand new buildings being nominated.
The 3 that won the Hall of Fame were ~100+ years old?
The 3 that won the Hall of Fame were ~100+ years old?

for the age thing, i was more referring to the nomination process, I remember recently things like the Seaport Hotel, the Greenway, and Orchard Park School getting nominated. Even this year one could consider the Last Tenement to be a recent development because all of the roadways and additional stuff surrounding it, making it more visible and stand alone, as well as the advertising on its side, are only a few years old. The nominating of new projects for hall of fame/shame didn't happen so much this year, but I think it realy needs to be a guideline that the thing must be at least somewhat old so we dont make knee jerk decisions
There will definitely be lager images on the info pages of the awards pages. I'm going to try to polish it up and better incorporate it into the site, hopefully, sometime in the near future.

I was surprised that there were less votes cast this year than last. It has been a pretty unexciting year. Also, the way we've been doing it, going into several different forums, can be a pain in the ass and probably deters a lot of potential voters. Next year I'm going to try to get the polls in a sidebar on the main forum page to make it easier for people to vote.

I would also like to come up with a less chaotic nomination process. Maybe next year we can create some kind of e-ballot to make it easier for people to participate. I've also considered the possibility of a nomination committee, but that could open up a whole new can of worms.