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Apr 16, 2014
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Just realized something about this location and type of apartment building that it is. It will appeal to a younger demo because of the intimacy of the design and pool (party!). It's obvious that it will fit well with USM grad students, as students for law and business will be looking for more private space to live (not dorms). UNE in Biddeford provides housing for its grad students in the renovated mill building across from the Saco Train Station. In this respect, this area in Bayside can support more apartments. It's a cool hang with Bayside Bowl and the Wilson BBQ block, and a short bike ride or walk to either Congress Street or USM. I predict that when USM's new Student Center and dorms open, USM in Gorham will start to wither away. It's an awful campus, and far from what's happening in Portland. I believe 500 or more apartments could be built in this area, and many or perhaps most could be rented by USM students. The new USM Portland will be a dynamic school because of numerous new housing options, along with its location and the train station allowing easy access to Boston.
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