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Jun 14, 2016
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171 Apartments and retail space in a 6-story building on former public works lot in West Bayside.

MaineBiz Article:

"The building would have 8,000 to 10,000 square feet of retail facing Lancaster Court, a pedestrian walkway that borders the courtyard of 82 Hanover St...[the developer] plans a similar courtyard on the 52 Hanover St. side."

Cool plan, I think it will make for a nice pedestrian experience.

So much of Portland is architecturally staid that something mildly adventurous, like asymmetrical windows, is welcome.
If you're able to edit the thread title: Hanover's got one n.

It's exciting what's going on down in this area. I've been walking by the Furman Block building regularly and while initially I thought the color scheme might come off a little too quirky or gimmicky, I'm now getting used to it and think it could help to draw motorists' eyes to this area as it will be visible from I-295 and Forest Avenue.

If the developers can retain some of the old industrial feel of the area while incorporating modern design into the new buildings I think this could be a very appealing neighborhood over the next few years.
Not bad, though I wonder how this property will age and look in 20 years. Nevertheless, any development in that area is better than none at all.
Perhaps this type of development — its uses and building form — could be “as-of-right” development in Bayside to encourage much-needed housing and help transform the district to high-quality livability sooner than later.
A couple updated renderings in the application materials. Between these 171 units, the Furman Block building, and a few other potential developments, there will be a whole new neighborhood in West Bayside. I'm curious what the developers have planned for the former public works building facing Portland Street, which would seem to offer an opportunity to do something really interesting and complimentary to all the development going on behind it.

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This seems decent depending on what the actual exterior material applications look like. I like the multi-level design & courtyard space.
Some slightly updated renderings were presented to the Planning Board last week, although several public comments noted that the renderings are still fairly conceptual and not showing a lot of detail on materials, etc.

It's an ambitious project to be sure. I'm particularly intrigued by the communal outdoor pool, which even with climate change I have to believe will only be useable perhaps four months of the year! :ROFLMAO:

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This would be a great build for Bayside. I hope the city doesn't F-it up with too many demands. For the most part, Bayside is still covered with vacant lots, scrap yards, and run-down structures. Anything built is an improvement.
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I don't even think the city has vacated the garages.
Wow, I was just having lunch at Wilson County BBQ Tuesday
That’s a lot of Parking spots for those places to lose. Usually full .