A Place to Argue about Political Correctness & Cancel Culture

Today, I was doing some business with a local celebrity (name omitted) and we brought up the recent Dave Chappelle special that has essentially caused people to kill each other online. And in the midst of all that, the guy told me a bit about himself and I got to tell him about me. It was at these moments where I realized that sometimes people are still trying to navigate the waters of life. It’s not that they’re anti “you” or anti “your experience(s),” but rather they just haven’t come to terms with their own place on this rock.

There will always be the edgelords. The ones who refuse to listen and/or take your experience with anything other than a grain of salt. Sad but true. So, you cut those people off. In the case of Chappelle, anyone using his recent special - and his others - as an excuse to harm those who are LGBTQIA+ are beyond saving. Those who want to harm anyone with a different lifestyle choice have never watched five seconds of Chappelle and his stand-up.

On the contrary, can someone who takes up a different viewpoint on your experience, still understand YOU as a human being? The older that I get, the more that I say yes. If someone is willing to learn to keep thoughts in their head at the same time, then I will make space for you as a fellow human. If you’re willing to listen and grow, I’m all ears.