aB Podcast?


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Aug 22, 2013
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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned as an idea or not, but has anymore mentioned the idea of a aB podcast? It's the new gold rush and I think that it's an opportunity for everyone on the board to get involved in. If anyone is serious about it, let me know. I can voice and put together a sample intro/outro. Check out my website for further examples here. http://www.davemorrison.net
This is a cool idea. I wonder how many members would be interested in contributing to this sort of project?
Would love to contribute! I think the world is ripe for a podcast to promote cities given the trend of people moving to warmer places with sprawling burbs.
Yes Yes Yes. I would contribute as well.

I think its a great Idea to channel our thoughts, ideas and concerns for the city.
If a proposed podcast is completely independent from aB (and the rest of Edward’s enterprises), I’d be happy to contribute. Discussions and debates on architecture, urban form, historic preservation, and the ethics of urban renewal/gentrification/displacement all deserve a good venue. Given the visual nature of the subject matter, selecting the right platform is crucial. My $0.02...
I've gotten a few DMs about this idea and I think it's great. I don't have the bandwidth in my professional life right now to be a manager of a project like this, but if anyone on here wants to take lead I think it could be great fun.