African Architecture


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Nov 16, 2006
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That's a neat thread and really makes me want to see more of Africa. I've been twice - I spent two weeks in Tanzania/Zanzibar, and a week in Rwanda. Zanzibar (Stone Town in particular), has one of the neatest old cities I've ever wandered through: Architecturally, it's stunning (though much of it is in need of major repair), and the market was an experience like nothing else I've ever had. Rwanda was underwhelming in terms of historic architecture, but Kigali is a surprisingly (at least for my uniformed self) modern city with some fairly unique architecture. The Kigali Convention Center is gorgeous (especially at night).

I'd love to get to Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. Morocco is probably next on the list because it's easy to get to (direct flights from Boston), but I wish I had time to visit them all.