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Nov 10, 2016
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i've long suspected (Envy) to be a main ingredient the stew of all the hate for the Seaport.... Tom O'Brien's bullcrap the other day pretty much was the last straw! Quite contrarily: i think Adam Corolla develops the thesis fairly well--and for much of the Nimby Goonsquad in the Globe, the shoe crudely fits.

i could also be off. A violation of PC (or not): i'm never going to back off suspecting 'envy' to be a growing problem in our society.
Nothing to do with envy tosh and everything to do with power. Boston's professional NIMBY class are a bunch of people who like thinking that they have the power to make developers, city leaders, and the public at large kneel to their demands. That's why they all form citizens groups with stupid names and chase reporters down the street like starving dogs after a T-bone steak. They also tend to have a lot of free time on their hands as they're either old people, idle millionaires, in the case of Amos Hostetter, both!

The problem nowadays, and the reason why they're getting more and more extreme, is that they're dwindling in both numbers and influence. Even in the Globe, which has printed more pro-growth articles in the past 2 years than they have in the previous 20.

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Oct 14, 2009
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Structural support of the pit until the steel/concrete rises to take its place and support the walls. You will see this on basically every new development that has a basement/garage.