archBoston Meetup

Next meetup is on for Dec. 2nd around 6:00 p.m. and on. Location TBD. More details to follow.
Should be at Sam Lagrassa's at Noon. Then we can go visit Vornado Crater National Park around the corner.
IAM goin to catch the FISHS in Captiva wit old UNSLE und his grlfiend. SO. NOT goink. BUT. You try Lagasser pistrummy on the WHEAT mit der ROMANYUM MUStard. Much liking.
Meetup will occur at 6:00 p.m at the Delux Cafe, 100 Clarendon St. South End (Near Back Bay Station and Ned Flaherty's house). Take Clarendon a block or two south of Columbus Ave.
Shame you're gonna miss, toby. I was gonna wear my favorite trucker-hat too.
I am sorry to miss the hat!

With "Loco" off the shelf you boys will have get the bartender to improvise. How about 1 part Jaegermeister, 1 part Red Bull, 1 part ground synthetic marijuana. Working title: "Tumble Weed".
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Toby, that concoction would have me running shirtless up Clarendon, screaming the lyrics to the Butthole Surfer's "Mexican Caravan."
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'twas at the Boston Common tree lighting. I suppose under 21 not allowed after 6 or 8 or something like that, anyways.
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am from Barcelona, Spain and I came to Boston to get my Masters. Do you usually have meetings and staff like that. That would cool since it would help me to meet new people. I do not know that many people yet. I am also a member of, site I used to check developments in Spain. We used to meet up every once in while so I dont know if you do the same thing here. I hope you do!
Alright, so it's rapidly approaching two years since the last aB meetup and it's about damn time we do another. Who's in? I just saw both Matthew and Fattony this weekend and they're both down. Who else is interested??
Hi and yes please! I was too young for these things the last time one happened (assuming that there is drinking involved?)