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Jan 22, 2012
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All members are encouraged to nominate an active proposal for an infrastructure project in the Boston area that is not yet under construction that they believe could make the biggest positive impact on the urban environment.

Infrastructure includes public transit, roads & bridges, port & airport facilities, utilities, and parks & public accomodations.
Columbus Avenue Bus Lanes project--allegedly the first center-running bus lanes in New England. This has already begun construction. More project info here and here.
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Also, I think an infrastructure project that has really flown under the radar is the build-out of the Northern Strand Trail. It's more than proposed--the Trail is on track to provide a 10-mile paved, protected facility for people on foot and on bikes through the towns of Everett, Malden, Revere, Saugus, Lynn, and Nahant... potentially Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston as well!
- Ongoing paving of sections in Everett, Saugus, and Lynn
- A shared use path extension through Downtown Lynn to Nahant Beach queued for construction/completion by 2024
- The proposed Mystic footbridge between Assembly Row and Encore Boston Harbor is designed; the question's up in the air as to when construction will begin.

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128/20/117 redesign in Weston and Waltham:


Resolves a wonky traffic pattern and facilitates both mixed-use development at 1265 Main and a future Fitchburg Line multimodal station.
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