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May 25, 2006
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In light of Boston's glacial pace of development and the fact that many developments go through several different iterations as they evolve, people should feel free to nominate any proposal in the pipeline that has not entered the construction phase by the end of 2008.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the project, such as links to any Archboston threads about the project and any official websites, etc.

Nominees so far:

Government Center Garage Proposal-Congress St.
Columbus Center
Winthorp Sq
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Re: 2008 AB Award Nomination Thread - Best New Proposal

Government Center Garage Proposal-Congress St.

Best proposal that incorporates a strong pedestrian interaction and urbanism, creates iconic structures, and commits to the environment.

Support Group Website

AB Thread
Re: 2008 AB Award Nomination Thread - Best New Proposal

I have to second this.
I've updated my initial post to included the nominees so far.

I've also included SST and Winthop Sq. I didn't included One Franklin, because as far as I'm concerned construction has already started (just halted).
I second the Gov't Center Garage proposal, but I fear we may be jumping the gun. While I like some of the proposals (in fact, LOVE a few of them), who's to say the best ones are going to get built? Even the website states that it's possible none of them could be built in their pictured form. I'm nominating the IDEA of replacing the garage with something nice, because some of the renderings don't do it for me.

You could argue that it's a case of "anything is better," but that's a LOT of prime real estate to just "accept" a half-ass project. I'm hopeful one of the better proposals gets selected, but there's lingering doubt that what gets built may be a dud.

I like Columbus Center second best.
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