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May 25, 2006
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All members are encouraged to nominate an active proposal for a site in the Boston area not under construction that they believe could make the biggest positive impact on the built environment. (A proposal cannot win two years in a row)

Last Year's Winner: Congress Street Garage Development
Since both of those have been proposed decades ago I'm not sure they really count.
The stated criterion was "an active proposal for a site in the Boston area not under construction" -- didn't say it had to be a new proposal this year. If the thread originator wants to change the criterion, that's OK, but I'm responding to what the original post stated.
If that's the case then these are fine, but I was just wondering outloud.
I think the only proposal this year that actually excited me was Howeler & Yoon's 'Filenes eco-pods', which really wasn't a proposal at all. But considering how regressive Boston architecture can feel at times, an inventive & bold concept was a breath of fresh air.
Filene's Development (does stalled construction count)?
Eastat/CBT proposal for Parcel 9 on the RKG.
What about the air rights proposals for Boylston/Mass Ave over the pike? I seem to remember a couple somewhat promising designs.
Can I nominate Boston 2020 Olympics as best and worst new proposal? Or is there an "only" new proposal category?
What about that Copley condo tower? Is that still a viable project?
Seconded, but just barely. We really haven't had any worthwhile proposals. This sucks.
Again as I said in the Worst new development thread, we should really have a 'None' option in the poll.
Can we memorialize the proposal to turn the Blue Hill Ave. bus into an extension of Silver Line BRT even though it's already dead?
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