Boston Globe decrees utopia....

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Jun 20, 2010
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I notice the only mentions of any ethnic groups other than black or white are entirely in passing (1 hit for ‘asian’ and 2 unique hits for latino/hispanic).

Seems to me that, if you’re going to build an entire neighborhood in one fell swoop, its likely to be homogenous.


Sep 25, 2008
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Capitalism doesn't have a color. That is what makes America so great. Black, White, Blue, Green. If you make money you can build whatever you want it just depends where.

The problem with Seaport is it wasn't built based on capitalism.
Menino, Deval Patrick and the rest of the corrupt Democrats spent 18 Billion dollars in taxpayers money only to enrich their Corporate developer friends with land and tax deals who would continue to support these hacks in office. (That is why the area got developed for the political elite privileged not for the overall public.) This also helps the Unions to continue to support such fraud.

Just look at the history with the tax incentives:
Vertex (Fallon)
millennial partners
Liberty Mutual
Whatever happened to Risk vs Reward? This is called Corporate welfare off the backs of the working class only to enrich the wealthy with amazing land deals. Not only that since more jobs move to Boston it starts pricing out the average workers.

Its like giving 46.5 Million to Liberty Mutual to build in the Backbay. Who does that? How is that a good deal for the taxpayers? How was giving an insurance company that type of incentive to build in the Backbay which happens to have under 5% vacancy at the time.

The Democrats claim they are for the hardworking people. Really? That is why Boston has priced out all the poor and the middle class families with their shitty policies. How is that for the (Hardworking families) when the only people that can live around Boston are millionaires now or people so poor that they dole out unlimited Govt programs, Welfare, Section 8, Wick cards.

All the surrounding areas are pushing out families and the area is becoming Manhattanized along with just a bunch of students in the city. All the 2 and 3 family housing is being converted into condos and is pushing everybody out even the section 8 at this point.

Forget black people I'm surprise they allow poor people in this area.

And by the way I'm not a Republican either.
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