Boston in video games


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Aug 16, 2013
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Admittedly, I still haven't played Fallout 4 (and probably never will), but I wanted to showcase some different renditions of Boston I've encountered in games over the years. I'm primarily a racing game guy, so I'm curious what else is out there that's not just cars.

I'll start with one that isn't racing, Tony Hawk's Underground 2, which features a very condensed version of the city, shuffling a bunch of things around. It's how the classic Tony Hawk games are with cities in general, so I'm not too fussed by it, but I do object to the "Children's Museum" actually being the Josiah Quincy School. There's a lot of juvenile puns as well, because it's a Tony Hawk game.

CART Fury is an arcade racer based on the split-era (not-)Indy car series, and it has a Big Dig track that is mostly tunnels but also has a banked Central Artery through a really messed-up version of downtown, the Hancock moved to behind the Garden and then somehow appears again with the entire Back Bay in Charlestown.

Need For Speed Most Wanted features a fictional "Fairhaven City" that is very much inspired by Boston and has a ton of the landmarks, though usually not in the same geographic locations (though the Government Center/Quincy Market/Waterfront is remarkably accurate). I spent more time tooling around the city than actually racing in this game, it's fun but no PS2 NFS:HP2.

Never played this but here's a Boston level in a Godzilla game some 15 years before the movie destroyed the city.

I'm sure there's more out there if anyone knows of them...
Didn’t play it myself, but Assassin’s Creed III was partially set in the city iirc.