Concord, NH Developments


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May 26, 2006
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New Concord building to bring Friendly Toast, rooftop bar

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Dec. 27—A five-story, mixed-use building will bring a new vibe to downtown Concord with a rooftop bar and a patio on the ground level for pop-up restaurants.

A Friendly Toast restaurant and patio along the sidewalk on South Main Street also are part of the plan.

Developer Steve Duprey said city planners pushed him to "think a little bigger" after he first proposed a two-story building at 20 S. Main St., which is located between the Concord Food Co-op and Bank of New Hampshire Stage. A Victorian home built in 1854 on the property will be demolished or moved. 27—A five-,are part of the plan.


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Oct 28, 2012
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I just walked, via Google Maps, the three-quarters of a mile on Main Street from where 3A junctions with it, north to the Route 9 intersection, to remind myself of what a fantastic downtown Concord possesses. Great architecture--including lots of nicely-rehabbed 19th-c. mill buildings--good sidewalks, excellent density, diversity of storefronts, the lovely culmination with the State House. An urbanist's/pedestrian's dream (in the best sense of "urbanist" and "pedestrian" being interchangeable). Also a great launch-point for Merrimack River paddles of course, and gateway to the Whites and the Monadnocks. What's not to love? (well, yes, the winters are perhaps still somewhat brutal... for now)