Downtown Natick Mixed-Use Development


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Dec 9, 2019
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This lot has been vacant for 5 years, and has now been approved:

The developers waited so long because their initial attempt to change zoning laws 4/5 years ago got voted down. They found some sort of loophole. The neighborhood is full of NIMBYs that don't want underground parking, even though downtown is plagued with surface lots. Downtown desperately needs development like this, especially in a location like this. Natick also needs more affordable housing to meet 10% for the 2020 census, so they're basically forcing this project through.

There is push to change parking laws. Currently the law is 2 spots for 1 bedroom, and it is proposed to change to 1 spot for 1 bedroom. This was proposed last year, and was voted down for god knows why. There are two developments in downtown that won't be able to be built if this doesn't pass. Currently the building that just burned down will likely be replaced with a 4-story mixed use building with underground parking. The other project is this:

Project will still be built if law does not pass, but will just be significantly less housing units. There will be a new store front on the back side of the building too. A five story building would help since most buildings in downtown Natick are only around 2-4 now. More dense housing would help the small businesses in downtown, and long term will attract more business, and will help revitalize downtown Natick. Really excited for these three projects, hope the zoning laws/parking lot laws get changed. Any support helps, especially if you're from Natick.