East Boston Infill and Small Developments


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Nov 5, 2013
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No way. You go 5 streets back from the water and its barely touched.
Ding ding. The waterfront is changing rapidly, but it’s a quite small % of East Boston by area. Moreover, the non-Hispanic white population keeps shrinking as a % with most new residents being immigrants. Seems like a (at least partially) good outcome!


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Aug 14, 2006
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Does anyone know what piers park phase 3 is supposed to be?

"Piers Park III will be a resilient oasis and add to the incredible system of parks and open space this community already enjoys", Madaro claims.”

“Piers Park Phase III is conceived as a 3.8-acre addition of greenspace to the existing Piers Park on the East Boston waterfront. The site is located adjacent to the Phase II site, along Marginal Street. ”

From that description the only thing I can imagine would be that phase 2 is built on pier 2. I just dont know why they wouldnt just say pier 2 then...


But its not adjacent to the phase 2 site. So I guess it would have to be the pier 2 site. The closest st is marginal so I guess they can say its “along” it. Hopefully if this is not it, this becomes phase 4 though. It also has its own pier here as well so this could add even more to the site.
Stick -- it is Pier 2 -- Massport put out an RFP for the Phase III -- there was only one bidder the Trustees for Reservations [seems like it was somehow an arrangement in advance]

Anyway the Trustees put out a document looking for someone to do Geotechnical Boring to Bedrock just off the dilapidated Pier 2 [which the document notes is in such a state that all of the boring will be done from a barge without touching the Pier]

Anyway -- following a whole lot of Bureoukraptic BS -- there is an Attachment C [
PROJECT PLANS] with some drawings and photos [no renderings however]

There is also a bit about Pier 2 [Piers Park Phase III] in a video called One Waterfront Initiative by the Trustees of Reservations
especially near the end for a few seconds their is an aerial view of the Pier 2 as it is today [a clear indication that their wont be much of the existing Pier 2 in the proposed Piers Part III
found this on a Googel Search of " Massport piers park 3 EAST Boston " under images
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Aug 3, 2009
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Thank you for disagreeing without being disagreeable. I should take a page out of that book myself.

I live among old and new East Bostonians, owners, tenants, business owners, artists, and visitors. The air we breathe smells of jet kerosene and frustration. It's a frightening time when the once dispossessed see an opportunity for wealth -- scale that up to a neighborhood, where the playing field is far from level. Think about it as a realtor, a speculator, a lawyer. Or as an elderly female homeowner, or a young family, or a small business owner.

I encourage you to come look around here. Tell me when, I'll buy you a beer. You'll see projects of every scale and ambition, and nary a gesture in accord with intelligent urbanism, from Jane Jacobs to Léon Krier.

And I understand the need for privacy -- I like a degree of privacy as well. But privacy isn't the fuel that drives the public realm.

Cities don't guarantee you a view.

Or for the most part, a sense of privacy.