Educate everyone on a good website...

These are a few of my favorite things: and - Internet Ephemera - Great architecture and urban planning blog - One of the best film news sites - Maybe the funniest baseball blog out there (cowritten by one of the writers from The Office) - An excellent blog to accompany an excellent book - A fun meta(?)blog that links to recent news and other blogs regarding architecture, design and, well, everything This makes me almost shed a tear. Its going to be a complete shame if this is torn down. I can't believe MLB doesn't at least help someway. This is irreplacable. I wish I had some substantial change to donate to this.
Maybe the wrecking ball will miss and knock the city down instead.
Didn't know where else to put it, but google is celebrating Walter Gropius' 125 birthday by changing their "Google" graphic to some modern style buildings (conveniently placed to spell out "google") in his honor. Most of you probably know he was a pioneer of modern architecture, founder of Bauhaus, and designed the JFK Building in Boston (among many other things). No link necessary, I'm sure everyone can find google.

*Edit- A picture of Gropius' Lincoln, MA home for the hell of it-