Embedding ig posts in threads

stick n move

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Oct 14, 2009
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I noticed about a month ago that all of a sudden instagram posts no longer embed in threads here. All that happens now is a hyperlink shows up in the post. It used to be that you could copy a link from ig, paste it in a thread, and the picture would appear in the post along with the username of the user, a link back to their account… etc.

It was extremely convenient and useful because in order to achieve the same thing before (or now that its changed) you have to save a picture off ig, host the picture, paste the link in a thread, post a link back to the ig post, credit the user under the picture..etc. When it was working before you could just paste a link in a thread and all of those things would show up automatically.

What changed about a month ago that made this no longer possible? Can it be fixed? Its a complete pain in the ass now and I havent seen anything mentioned about it anywhere on here. It was working before so there should be no reason that it cant work again, right? It would be great if this feature can be returned to the forum, the new forum had been working great up to that point.