Finding out you’re half-adopted in your thirties


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Aug 22, 2013
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A few years ago I was doing my family genealogy project when I took the 23andMe spit test. And then I did AncestryDNA and MyHeritage. When I told me father that I had taken these tests, he returned the favor by telling me that he wasn’t my biological father.

They used an unknown “sperm donor” through the services of Dr. Merle Berger. The famed fertility specialist at Beth Israel. My donor has all the access to me. But I couldn’t have access to him or his identity.

A month later, we were able to track down my donor. My donor, who got paid handsomely for helping to bring me into the world, made the horrible mistake of not telling his brother not to go on AncestryDNA.

When I confronted my bio father, an MIT City Planner originally from Long Island (now in Gloucester, MA), he threatened me with a lawsuit if I told anyone. I told everyone he knows. No lawsuit yet.

Anyways, I found a half-brother in the process. Love him to death. He’s married and lives in Massachusetts and has done well for himself.

It’s not something that I mention here because I’m careful as to whom and where I bring it up. Some people here might be donors and want their anonymity protected. Others might be born through IVF the same way.

If anyone is curious and would like to learn more about IVF, or is an adoptee, or would like to test themselves through 23andMe and need a kit, let me know. My door is open all the time!