Foundation Medicine (Parcel P) | 400 Summer Street | Seaport

The cross-bracing on the section spanning the freeway ramps is going to add a really great industrial feeling. Really impressed with the overall quality of this build and hope the sibling gets started soon. The black side facing the stairs looks more stark than it should
By comparison, NEMA looks thin-skinned and temporary.
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And the crane is on its way down. There’s still a lot of curtain wall work to be done but mostly on the lower floors. I guess ground cranes will be used for that? Great to see another milestone on this project. Can’t wait to see 350 Summer get started…

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I'd imagine the curtain wall is already loaded on to the lower floors and then they'll use a mini rig like this to install:

It's going to be interesting how those two systems will meet at the corner.
And it's symmetrical on the Congress and Summer St sides. The Summer side is already looking similar to that (posts 167 and 171 give an idea).

I don't want to be a complete psycho but it does irk me how the top two floors (that upper-most "block") is taller than the other two-floor blocks on the Congress St side. Not a huge deal it's just...not symmetrical. Doesn't show up that way in the render either.
There could be some more depth on that part that's supposed to be industrial, IMO. Compared to the rest of the facade it does look a bit overlooked.
Yeah WHAT THE FRICK is happening here and can we nominate to have it recognized as one of the world's biggest WTFs in recent times?! :mad:
Yea even when real trusses are used they still get clad over so when finished theres going to be no discernible difference between this and real trussing besides the fact that you just know in your heart its fake lol.