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Aug 22, 2013
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Unrelated to Patriot Place. Figured that we’d get a thread going for this

Station One By Town Brewery progress. Right across from the Rodman Center for the Performing Arts

92 R Wall Street Redevelopment
Lots to unpack…

1) They’re turning that Funway into a Warehouse. I guess the warehouse must go somewhere?

2) 119 Morse Street 40 B project. Typical NIMBY reactionaries. At least the Foxborough NIMBYS give up easily.
I finally was able to go to Station One on Saturday. Food is pretty good. Extensive beer menu (not a surprise) and they also have a good list of cocktails if you don't want beer. A big win for Foxboro.

Senior housing to be built at site of former Foxborough State Hospital​



“A 16-acre property once home to the long-shuttered Foxborough State Hospital will soon provide housing for 141 low-income senior households.

Walnut Street, an affordable housing project being developed by the Affordable Housing Services Collaborative and Onyx, will turn land that has been vacant for decades into much-needed affordable housing.

The permits were filed in February and approved by April, an almost unheard-of timeline.

The finished project will provide 141 new apartments for residents age 55 and over. Of those, 35 will be reserved for people making 30% or less of the area median income, and 85 will be for those making 60% AMI. Foxborough residents will be given preference for 70% of the units.

A second phase of the project once this one is complete will add approximately 60 more units.

Greg Spiers, chairman of the Housing Authority, said the new senior housing was badly needed, noting there are about 5,500 elderly and disabled people on public housing waiting lists in Massachusetts.”

-Hmm, the article above showed renders of new build housing, but this boston agent magazine article makes it sound like the old hospital is being converted into housing. It does mention in the above article a second phase with 60 units so maybe thats what the new buildings are for, not sure. Also the new site pisses me off how the formatting gets jacked up after you paste something. Every time I fix this paragraph and click publish its made bold again. Driving me crazy.

Former Foxborough State Hospital to become housing​


“After being vacant for nearly 50 years, the former Foxborough State Hospital is set to undergo a transformation. It’s being converted into a 141-unit housing development.

The Healey-Driscoll Administration announced the conversion and said the Walnut Street project will be financed by “millions of dollars in state and federal tax credits, subsidies and funding.”

The 16-acre property was home to the state hospital before it closed in 1975. It was given to the Foxborough Housing Authority from the state for creating affordable housing. Once construction is complete, it will become housing for those age 55 and older with 120 of the 141 units reserved for individuals and families earning less than 60% of the area median income, while 35 of those will be reserved for those earning less than 30%.

The project is being developed through a partnership among Peabody Properties, the Affordable Housing Services Collaborative and Onyx, which is a new Black woman-owned developer specializing in affordable housing that focuses on equity and inclusion. The town of Foxborough worked collaboratively with the state on the development.

Governor Maura Healey said these 141 homes represent a much-needed boost to the Bay State’s housing production and called them a prime example of how state-owned land can be utilized to meet the state’s housing needs.

“We need to create more housing across the state to drive down costs and make Massachusetts a more affordable place for everyone,” Healthy said. “Developments like Walnut Street are a creative solution as we work to turn the tide of rising housing costs for our residents.”
The Boston Agent article is mixing two locations up. Maybe because the opening line of the Masslive article is also wrong? Walnut Street is in south Foxboro off 128, near the Mansfield line. It used to have (maybe still does?) a bunch of Section 8 housing. New senior housing will be built here. I'm pretty sure there was never any State Hospital land off Walnut.

The State Hospital has a Chestnut Street address in north Foxboro near the Walpole line and has been fully renovated for years. Some of it for over a decade now. The Boston Agent article pic is a Wikipedia pic from before the renovations.