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My parents live close by to that plaza so they have been following this project closely for years, and since I follow this stuff myself and drive by it pretty regularly I have as well.

In february it had a see through chain link fence surrounding the smaller old strip mall portion of the site, no activity going on, and hadnt changed since the plaza was demolished in june. Then in march the developer told the city council subcommittee that the project would begin in april. In march they put up the new fence which now extends out to the very edge of the site and has the construction company sign, safety signs..etc posted. Since then they have dug up the whole parking lot and are now lowering the grade of the site resulting in the massive dirt pile. There are multiple pieces of equipment on the site as well as construction materials staged.

Its definitely still possible that the activity so far is pre construction prep work and the official groundbreaking is yet to happen, theres still a week and a half left in april. Either way from march until now there has been a definite change on site and it appears the official groundbreaking has either already happened or is imminent.
MassBay health science center almost done.


Framingham Housing Authority receives $22M for renovations to 68-unit complex

“MassDevelopment issued a $22-million tax-exempt bond to help the Framingham Housing Authority to renovate Carlson Crossing West, a 68-unit affordable housing complex.

The project will also receive $19.7 million in federal low-income tax credits from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, with an assist from MassDevelopment, according to a Tuesday press release from MassDevelopment.

Carlson Crossing West was built in the 1950s on eight acres. Its 17 buildings consist of 12 one-bedroom apartments, 20 two-bedroom apartments, 32 three-bedroom apartments, and four four-bedroom apartments.

The proposed renovations will focus on building and energy code issues and other critical upgrades to infrastructure. Improvements will incorporate sustainable and other climate-resilient elements, according to the press release.”
Great news! Now that the stupid housing moratorium has expired its nice to see new projects being proposed and constructed.
29-Unit Mixed-Use Development In Framingham Proposed
A developer would add a third story to a historic Irving Street building, according to plans.

FRAMINGHAM, MA — A Framingham-based developer wants to turn a historic Irving Street building into a mixed-use residential development, according to plans submitted recently to the city.
The developer Irving Historical St., LLC, is seeking permission to renovate the 1925 building at 105 Irving St. into a 29-unit residential complex with commercial space on the first floor. Plans call for the addition of a third story to the building to make way for residential units.

"Three-story mixed-use with ground floor commercial and residential above with accessory parking for 41 vehicles where 28 are required," the plans say. "Twenty-nine residential units consisting of six (6) studio units, three (3) 2-BR units and twenty (20) 1-Br units, ranging in size from 602 sf to 1100 sf with approximately 2300 sf of ground-floor commercial space."


26 Pearl St Update

Mixed-Use Project Proposed Along Pearl St. in Framingham

“A new 6-story mixed-use building has been proposed at 26 Pearl Street in Framingham. The project will feature ground floor commercial space to accommodate the current nonprofits on the site including Daniel's Table, as well as 2 additional nonprofit service organizations. The upper floors will contain 40 residential apartments, a mix of 1 through 3 bedrooms. The project is to be constructed in two phases. The 1st phase involves the construction of the new building immediately adjacent to the existing commercial structure. The current tenants will continue to operate out of the existing building until such time as the new building is completed. Upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the ground-floor space, the current tenants will be relocated to the new building, whereupon the old building will be demolished.”
Apologies if this was already posted (didn't see it), but another good Globe "On the Street" piece, this time on Framingham:

Bummer to see the apartment moratorium, but encouraging to see business owners wanting more apartments/residents!

A batch of big apartment buildings have opened in recent years, part of a plan to put more housing near downtown’s Commuter Rail station. The biggest — the 270-unit Modera building — sits next to Terra Brasilis on Waverly Street. Two-bedroom units start at $2,600 a month, a bargain compared with new buildings in Boston, but steep for this part of the region.

Rising rents have sparked worries that new construction isn’t for working-class residents so much as for well-heeled young professionals moving out from Boston. The new buildings — which together added nearly 1,000 units to downtown — also raised enough concerns about traffic and schools that in September 2020 the City Council voted, over the veto of then-Mayor Yvonne Spicer, for a one-year moratorium on new apartment buildings.

That vote spooked Sam Hendler, cofounder at Jack’s Abby Brewing. The craft brewer launched in 2011 in Framingham after realizing it couldn’t afford space in Cambridge or Somerville. Seven years ago, with a tax break from the city, Jack’s Abby opened a 67,000-square-foot brewing facility and tap room in a brick building that was once part of the Dennison plant. Over just the last decade, Hendler has watched downtown Framingham become more vibrant. And his business is counting on more residents moving in.
Apologies if this was already posted (didn't see it), but another good Globe "On the Street" piece, this time on Framingham:

Bummer to see the apartment moratorium, but encouraging to see business owners wanting more apartments/residents!

That article is from November. I looked up Modera's current rents and 2bdr starts at $3k now. Although there are unsurprisingly plenty of vacancies.

Mixed-Use Project Approved in Framingham​



“The Framingham Planning Board has approved plans for a mixed-use project at 26 Pearl Street. The development will feature ground floor commercial space to accommodate the 2 nonprofits currently on the site as well as 2 additional nonprofit service organizations. The upper floors will contain 40 residential apartments.”

Current site:


Plans for Framingham Shopping Plaza Redevelopment Paused.
The team planning the redevelopment of the shopping plaza at 208 Waverly St. in Framingham has withdrawn plans for the project. The development would have included 225 residential units and 8,500 square feet of retail space. Per a letter to the Planning Board, "the combination of worsening economics and a more expensive project, all led to the realization that at present the project must be postponed" however the team "hopes to return at a later date with its project when circumstances (such as economics, pricing, and zoning) allow
Can confirm the nobscot plaza residential is u/c.

Drove by this yesterday and the front of it is really close to the street. If the top part is supposed to be housing... that's gonna be annoying that close to the Fire Station.

Haha. That's right. Still say it's too millenial-unfriendly for it to work there.

Course someone also thought it was a good idea to rebuild a brand new gas station across the street.

Howard Street Apartments​


“1 Howard St. & 38 Park St. Framingham, MA The proposal is to construct a six-story building with 135 apartments consisting of 21 studios, 89 one beds, and 25 two beds, requiring 180 parking spaces per zoning rules, but proposed with only 132 spaces which consists of 119 in the garage and 13 visitor spots. There will be 48 bicycles spaces in the garage with 6 in the exterior.”