Hall of Fame Nominees

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when was Post Office Square created in the current configuration? AKA when was the park created in its current format?
The park was created by tearing down a parking garage. I don't think it was ever a park at any previous time in its history.
thanks... i just think that stuff should be atleast 20 years old or so before we nominate it for Hall of Fame or Shame....
I like these choices.

My nominees:

Federal Reserve Bldg
Brain Science Bldg at MIT
Artists for Humanities
1. The Wigglesworth Building (89-93 Franklin St.)
2. Ames Building
3. Post Office Square
Church of the Advent(spectacular refurb completed recently)
All Saints Church
Ether Dome
Forest Hills Cemetery/Mount Auburn Cemetery(potentially combined as early examples of rural cemetery movement)
Boylston Street Fire Station
Where is All Saints Church? I think the Boston area has a few different places with this name.
Batterymarch Bldg.
Five Cents Savings Bank
MIT Chapel
The Blackstone Block
West End's Last Tenement
Paul Rudolph's State Services Center
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