Hall of Shame Nominees

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I thought these were called Boylston, Fairfield, and Gloucester; I'd never heard them called 'Avalon' before.
Avalon Bay bought them a few years back. THey've been trying to brand them "Avalon at Prudential Center."
Midtown Hotel

All of Melena Cass Boulevard
I have no idea how Tremont on the Common escaped this last year.

I'd like to add the McKinley School in the South End, and One Exeter in the Back Bay, aka the Darth Vader Building.
I would also like to suggest the Harbor Towers for this list for their destruction of the skyline and the waterfront, as well as the politics of those within.
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'destruction of the skyline and the waterfront'
I apologize to those who singled it out for the Hall of Fame, but I'd put up the Federal Reserve building for Hall of Shame consideration, both for what I consider to be a deadening impact on the skyline and for its street level presence. (Am perfectly aware others disagree but wanted to get this view on the record as well! :rolleyes:)
There's lots of stuff above I'd second as well, especially Ron's nominations of Charles River Park/the West End and City Hall, plus Tremont on the Common, the Midtown Hotel, and the Darth Vader Building.

I'd also add the areas of Boston that are unlivable/unused because of transport infrastructure: the SE Expressway ramps near Chinatown/S Station, the similar ramps near the garden, the Pike, and the Central Artery/Greenway. Basically all the handiwork of the BRA (why does this organization still exist? it's like having Robert Moses continue as head of NYC's DOT) over the years...
The BRA doesn't create highway infrastructure at all. That's the responsibility of the state DOT (and formerly also the Turnpike Authority).
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