Jerry's Pond / Pit

Joel N. Weber II

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Aug 30, 2015
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Jerry's Pond, next to Alewife Station and Russell Field, apparently has some contamination concerns, and is a man-made pit from digging out clay for bricks; if we're going for historical accuracy, several hunderd years back, there wasn't a pond there at all.

I've been wondering if it might make sense to cap it off, and use the hole in the ground for a Red Line yard or for storing sewage during times of heavy rain. (At this point, it's not in a particularly optimal location for the latter use, since my understanding is that the Alewife Brook combined sewer overflow issues have basically been completely addressed at this point.)

Building some combination of basketball courts, tennis courts, etc on top of it might make sense; I'm assuming that the roof strength required is less if sports that don't require dirt for real grass are choosen.