Lincoln Center got private funding!Groundbreaking in spring!

Re: Lincoln Center got private funding!Groundbreaking in spr

grittys457 said:
Just seeing if Patrick was still out there.
Patrick's probably at the Dick Cheney fundraiser in Cape Eliz. today!
Cheney in Cape? Sweet. Maybe I can go walk up to Monument Square today without being asked for change. They'll all be in Cape protesting.
awe man. I was all excited for pland and everything.
when the vice president is a former ceo of an oil company that was awarded contracts in Iraq without a fair bidding process, one must contemplate a 'conflict of interests; situation. Without competition, economic forecasters and textbooks alike would forecast a mediocre (at best) job of reconstruction and infrastructure upgrades etc associated with the private deals and contracts that have been made. well, ask yourself, are they right? the proof is right in front of you. a horrible job is being done, and a lack of competition is to blame. I cant say I blame the protestors.
Whatever it takes to get you out of the woodworks Pat. I knew that thread title would get you.

Go to the to read about all the shit that happened at the city council meeting last night.
new mercy broke ground.

custom house square broke ground ( a while ago).

drove past graves hill site, have signs up etc.
Graves Hill, what the hell is taking so long? Chestnut St. lofts went up in like two day.
you should see the graves hill site...all woods and jagged hillside rocks. needs a lot of prep. and there are TONS of other two and three story condo units going up next to it, which might be pushing it back. chestnut street already had a prepared lot to build on.