Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

Fairly certain it was purchased recently... could be wrong
That horrible ‘50s-ish pile of indignity is owned by Christian Science, think it’s addressed as 180-190 Mass Ave. FCCS had a deal to redevelop into a 30-some floor midrise but it fell through during lockdown. Then, the long-term tenant vacated the office space. There’s apparently a non-profit using some of the office space now, but until the market (and financing) is more stable and predictable, unlikely to see any movement on this parcel.
What are those thingies that are sticking out from the building on some of the floors?
Proposed hotel..jpeg
What are those thingies that are sticking out from the building on some of the floors?View attachment 32035
They crane equipment and materials onto them and then hump it into the building. Before they closed up the south facade, looked like it was HVAC units.

edit to add: “… looked like it was HVAC units they were loading in.” Sorry, incomplete sentence. I was Zooming and replying, oops.

Also: talked to a buddy tonight who toured it a few weeks ago and said the mechanical footprint looked absurdly over-engineered, presumably with a hope/thought of future life science tenants?
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What are those thingies that are sticking out from the building on some of the floors?View attachment 32035

There were some buildings in the seaport with similar outcroppings and the crew was feeding curtain wall sections out from there via the crane rather than from the ground. Not sure the benefit but they’d emerge dangling from those metal “trays”. Hoping the hotel curtain wall here starts to go in soon, it’s lagging the main building quite a bit.






The smaller tower as it currently exists looks quite similar to the Standard Hotel along the High Line. If only they weren't going to cover up that concrete with some completely indifferent cladding.




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Can't wait to see the finished product on this and Parcel 7. We should do a poll as to which one turns out to be the best of the air rights (although that might not be fair with Parcel 7 housing the Eastern Standard part 2).
i'm surprised CarGurus is still a thing (and apparently a pretty big thing). Aside from the fact that other platforms like Carvana are struggling mightily, CarGurus just seems from another time. I think of it in the same category as Ask Jeeves, GeoCities,, or Facebook.

Anyway -- yeah, terrible name, but I don't think it'll stick in any meaningful way b/c I don't see CarGurus having a super long lifespan. So it's like if you weren't a fan of "Fleet Center" you only really had to endure it for a few years.

But for sure, "CarGurus Tower" is ugly.