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Oct 14, 2009
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I thought there was a thread already, guess not.


“Residents strongly opposed to Marlborough development”

“Marlborough– Substantial increase in traffic, environmental damage and strain on city resources were top concerns voiced by opponents speaking at the City Council’s July 20 public hearing on a planned 188-unit residential complex planned for 339 Boston Post Road (Route 20 east). The property was previously known as the McGee Farm/Veterinary property. Opponents all echoed the sentiment that the proposal was for “a beautiful project in the wrong location.”
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A 276-unit, mixed-use development has won a special permit in Marlborough

MARLBOROUGH — The City Council has granted a special permit for a large redevelopment project that will reshape the neighborhood around Lincoln and Mechanic streets.

Monday night's council approval gives the green light for the so-called Alta Marlborough project, a mixed-use building that will contain 276 housing units and more than 10,000 square feet of retail space. It would be built at the intersection of Lincoln and Mechanic streets, just outside the downtown.

Intel is selling the land that had their fab in Hudson to a developer, who plans on building what sounds like yet another Amazon warehouse. Only thought it was notable because I think this was the only notable chip fab in all of New England.

The fab itself was torn down in 2015 but Intel had office space still being used by employees until the pandemic.
IBM had a fab in Essex Junction, VT, which they sold to Global Foundries. It’s still a going concern.
So a couple of reactions:

1) I quite doubt that this is going to be a future Amazon warehouse, given the very recent news that Amazon is closing 5 of it's MA facilities, amongst many nationally.
2) Intel is moving 800 employees to Harvard‽ I'm quite familiar with that little town: there's no way there's enough extant office space. Hopefully, what they mean is either the vacant former IBM site in Littleton, the vacant former Cisco site in Boxborough, or, most likely, Devens and they didn't quite figure out the jurisdictional nicities.
Amusing if Intel shuffles employees amongst former DEC locations in the 495 belt.
2) Intel is moving 800 employees to Harvard‽ I'm quite familiar with that little town: there's no way there's enough extant office space.

Probably not 800, since you'd have to think there will be layoffs. That's probally why they are selling the land in the first place.
Five-story, 99-unit development proposed for Main Street in Marlborough

Boston developer JW Capital Partners has submitted a proposal to the Marlborough City Council to potentially build a mixed-use development featuring 99 apartments and 5,047 square feet of retail or restaurant space on the ground floor at 57 Main St.

The apartments break down into 72 one-bedroom and studio units and 27 two-bedroom units, according to an application package submitted to the City of Marlborough by Brian Falk of Worcester law firm Mirick O’Connell, who is representing JW Capital.
This Week's Boston Deal Sheet
Moderna has expanded operations outside of Cambridge with the acquisition of a new biomanufacturing facility in Marlborough.


“Moderna plans to bring in 200 new employees to 149 Hayes Memorial Drive by 2026.

The pharmaceutical and biotech giant bought the 140K SF good manufacturing practices facility at 149 Hayes Memorial Drive for $91M from Oxford Properties Group, the seller announced Tuesday. Moderna is expected to bring 200 new jobs to the city by 2026.”