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Jun 29, 2013
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Back in December, MassDOT announced some grant awards. Several are relevant to / sponsored by the MBTA:
  • The MBTA, in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, received $170,000 to construct a new crosswalk, median, curb ramps, flashing safety beacon, signage, and pavement markings on Park Drive in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston to provide safe and accessible connections between MBTA bus service and the MBTA Green Line.

    This will finally eliminate the ridiculous need to go to Beacon Street or the Riverway rotary to connect from the southbound 47/CT2 to Fenway station. Fenway badly needs new stairs on the west side of the overpass, and elevators on both sides, but this is a good start.

  • The MBTA, in partnership with the City of Boston, received $468,630.80 to enhance existing bus/bike lanes in the Roslindale neighborhood with new bus shelters, two curb-extended bus stops, and all-day bus lanes on South Street, Corinth Street, and Washington Street.

    I believe this is an already-announced project.

  • The MBTA, in partnership with the City of Boston, received $123,200 to install a dedicated bus lane on the northbound side of Cross Street/North Washington in the North End neighborhood, from Sudbury Street to Causeway Street. The bus stop at Thatcher Street will move to a safer, improved location, closer to crosswalks and away from vehicles. The existing dedicated bicycle lanes will be maintained.

    Same here, although this seems to extend the lane a bit further south than previously implied.

  • The MBTA, in partnership with the City of Lynn, received $318,450 to install bidirectional, curb-running shared bus/bike lanes and two transit signal priority treatments on the MassDOT-owned portion of Western Avenue, between the Belden Bly Bridge and Ida Street.

    This is new to my knowledge, and welcome. The bridge can get choked up at rush hour, so I imagine this will be a big help.

  • The MBTA, in partnership with the City of Somerville, received $222,200 to install bus queue-jumps and transit signal priority treatments – to benefit bicyclists and pedestrian safety, in particular – on Washington Street in Somerville at the McGrath Highway underpass area and the eastbound approach to Inner Belt Road.