New Sony Digi-Cam Portland Pix



well, corey, I finally put myself in the poor house and took the next step up the camera ladder. You have inspired me with your shots of portland, and i like the way you add the black border to your pics, so if any of these pictures look like yours, that is why haha. i love the new cam i got today, it is a $400 sony cyber-shot. let me know what you guys think of my experimental pictures...they were taken May 29 at midnight.







the first one is of maine medical center, obviously, but what i wanted to add was that it was taken from south portland by the mall. in fact, it was taken from the site of the brick hill residential development, designed by architect winton scott (westin architect), which overlooks the fore rover, sorta tucked in behind the jet port.
haha I do see some resemblance to my old ones. I used to use a sony dsc-p10 I think it was, 5 mega pixels. What model do you have? Looks like it will be a busy summer of photo taking!
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Corey said:
Looks like it will be a busy summer of photo taking!

yes, and when i move intown this summer, i will have the city at my door step. when i was younger i would scour the internet for pictures of portland, now i can take my own (and steal yours! haha). well, my favorite is still that one you took from munjoy hill at night, with the tail light of a car in the foreground and the city in the background. that was an excellent shot. i got a big bulky cam this time around so that i could later add the wide angle lens for panoramas, but we'll see on that one...

i als need a tripod..for now i am using the roof od my mom's car lol .
Haha I've used the roof of my car many times for night shots too.

What neighborhood will you be in when you get intown? You should host the forum meet this summer!
Can I ask how much that camera set you back? I'm looking for a digital cam myself
yeah sure, it cost $399 + a $40 memory stick.

I got one of the larger ones so that in the future i can buy a screw on lens for wide angle shots. you can also get the point and shoot kinds for considerably less.

if you are just looking for 'regular' pix then you can get camera for $100 bucks give or take. all of my photos that i posted on ArchBoston before the site had its meltdown were taken with a 3.2 megapixel Kodak easyshare camera that i got for $88.00 at circuit city. I invested a little more in this new camera because I want to keep it for years to come and because I had graduation money sitting around (and it takes better night time and distance shots). the prices on the larger cams can go up to $999 was the highest I noticed (and probably higher)...but i heard all you really need is 4 megapixels for pretty decent shots (the shots above are my experimental first pix with a 6 megapixel).

and corey -- im not sure which neighborhood i will be moving into, but probably the west end or downtown. I dont really want to live on munjoy hill, because it is so trashy, and I dont really want to live in ParkSide because of the crime rate. but a nice, convenient part of the west end would be optimal not only for downtown but also because it would be walking distance to UMaine Law for the fall. congress street would just be my sec choice cause its in the center of just about everything.