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May 25, 2006
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Patriot?s play: Plan for $300M complex
By Scott Van Voorhis
Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Kraft family is close to unveiling plans for a nearly $300 million retail and meeting complex on land next to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

And the new Patriots Place complex, along with a myriad of shops, eateries and entertainment venues, will include a significant expansion of the Patriot owners? budding meeting and convention business.

A proposed building for next to one of Gillette Stadium?s main gates includes ?hospitality suites? that could be rented out for corporate events year round, according to team spokesman Stacey James. It could also be used by executives looking to do some high-end tail-gating before the game, he added.

Along with the potential for additional meeting space, the Krafts have also detailed plans for a 200-room hotel, further increasing the capacity of Gillette Stadium to handle conventions and other events.

These and other details were included in plans for a wide-ranging retail, meeting and entertainment complex recently filed by the Krafts for review by state and town officials. James stressed that the ideas are still ?conceptual? and subject to change.

?The Patriots do a terrific job of designing opportunities that work for their fans and work for their bottom line,? said Richard Krezwick, a sports business consultant and former manager of the Garden.

The Krafts? interest in beefing up their growing meetings business comes as Gillette woos big events and shows that traditionally went to established convention venues like Boston?s Bayside Expo.

The hospitality suites building, which would be located on the stadium?s north end by the Bank of America gate, is also being eyed for a Pats museum, James said.

It?s just one part of a larger retail and entertainment plan.

A spa, health club and day care center would anchor a 55,000-square-foot ?wellness? section, plans reviewed by the Herald show.

The Krafts? plans also call for a 3,500-seat theater and several restaurants totaling 3,700 seats, as well as medical and commercial office space.

Bass Pro Shops, a retailer aimed at men, will be a key piece of the development, team officials have said.
Re: Patriots Place

The new CBS Scene announcement. Well, not new. But-130 High-Def flat screens, SWEET. Oh wait, it's showing "I Love Lucy." I guess that's cool. If you're into watching old TV in HD. Why not a ESPN Zone, I mean Robbie, you could do better, my friend!
Re: Patriots Place

How about an ESPN Zone in Faneuil Hall. That would be nice.
Re: Patriots Place

CBS Scene is like ESPNZone or Fox Sports Cafe... tacky, over-priced, but still manages to draw a crowd. The ESPNZone in Baltimore is the only one i like. It's in a converted power plant on the Inner Harbor:

I think an ESPNZone would work near North Station. Game ON! and the Cask and Flagon really fill the role of sports bar/restaurant near Fenway (Copperfields and Boston Beer Works are interesting on their own). CBS Scene will fill that role in Foxboro, the Garden is missing a tacky commercialized sports bar.
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Whereas I like the contrast between the old building and the modern up-to-date business signs. Maybe I'd like it less in person, but the photo is pretty cool to me. (It must be a few years old, because Arthur Andersen has been out of business for years.)
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yeah those are google image search results as i was at a work computer when i posted. i have photos from this summer but i'm not going to load them up because of a different name on a sign. Where it says "Arthur Anderson" on those, it says, "Neighbor Care" now. I dislike the number of signs on the facade, but i prefer to see the building preserved than taken down to make room for an Orlando-style Hard Rock and ESPNZone.

The signs really stand out in the photos, but in person (and a little in the photos) you can really see what they've done with the facade. Some might call it "Hacking" others would say they "beautified it." in anycase, there are new windows and balconies everywhere (especially right under the Barnes and Noble sign).
Re: Patriots Place

It pains me to see all those signs ruining such a cool building.

Baltimore will take what it can get.

We should be glad Boston isn't clamoring for the likes of an ESPN zone to improve its nightlife...
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Re: Patriots Place

Patriots Place? Foxborough Mall must've already been taken.
Re: Patriots Place

Oh goody, a lifestyle center. What a unique experience it'll be going to Patriots games now.
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Change comes slowly. IIRC this is just Phase 1 which by the look of it is just your typical Mall/Lyfestyle Center. Phases 2 and 3 should build around this and give it a more "neighborhood"y feeling.
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Still doesn't excuse the fact there is no easy way to get there via public transportation year round.
Re: Patriots Place

As a Patriots season ticket holder, terrible project.
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Looks pretty tacky so far, but, from what I understand the coming phases that are still under construction will be much better.

Still, Phase 1 looks kinda like Burlington, MA. I also have to ditto AdamBC's comment about the access. How can you expect something to prosper if there is no good way to get there?
Re: Patriots Place

its in Foxborough.. just drive.

dont know what u guys are expecting from a bunch of big box stores 45 minutes outside of Boston other than big boxy stores and a lot of parking. be happy theres some grass/trees