Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVI (2022)

Photos from in/around Ronan Park in Fields Corner (11.6.22). Nice park with good views!

Day 2.JPG
Day 3.JPG
Day 5.JPG

I know I'm engaging in typical aB "nothing's-ever-good-enough" criticism, but I have to say I'm disappointed with the design of the Seaport Boulevard median. I don't like the way it visually blocks one side of the street from the other and replaces the view of a varying streetwall and dynamic pedestian activity on the other side with a fairly static wall of trees. I think it would have been better to just have the statues and hardscape, or at most low grasses. Granted, I've only seen it in photos and maybe it looks better IRL. Anyone care to confirm or refute my criticism?

Along the same lines, can anyone who's been there recently describe the state of the Seaport Common allee? In the last pics I saw it looked like a lot of the trees were dead and being removed. :cry: