Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVII (2023)


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From the 2nd floor of Target, Fenway

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Brilliant pic, Andrey D! Right there is as great of a street wall as you'll find in Boston.

Interesting to note, none of those buildings are anywhere near a supertall. But what an incredible urban effect - - especially when you have highly activated ground levels. Compare this urban scene to the CSC Tower.

Car 3262 is the wreck victim from the Dec. 2017 Mattapan Line rear-end collision (see crumpled end). It had its good end cut off in order to facilitate repairs fellow wreck victim 3260 from the same accident. The rebuild of 3260 is ongoing at Everett. 3262 will be scrapped once it's harvested of all usable parts.
What's up with all the graffiti on an active, occupied building?
He's shooting from over in Eastie, probably somewhere around here.
Foreshortening at that distance + a zoom lens will produce this effect (not shopped).
Right… Old North Church, Converse building, and the Zakim towers that are shaped like the Bunker Hill monument not the monument itself. I forgot those.
That’s a cool shot and I’m a big dummy.😵