Plastic Bans


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Aug 30, 2021
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"As of June 26, 2021, Bourne and Truro joined 13 other Cape towns and adopted the Municipal Plastic Bottle Ban; making a total of 15 of 15 towns with a Municipal policy in place. Chatham, Dennis, and Sandwich adopted the Commercial Single-use Plastic Water Bottle Ban; ending the spring Town Meeting season with 10 of 15 towns with the Commercial Single-use Plastic Water Bottle Ban to be in effect in 2021." from Sustainable Practices, a group which has been organizing this push.

This Seems like an interesting development and seems likely to only deepen on the cape where they plan on targeting all single use plastic next. I do wonder how effective this specific groups approach would be in cities and towns without town meetings but this seems likely to spread to other towns in the state eventually.

The state, although lacking consistency across jurisdictions and any statewide legislation, already has over 100 plastic bag bans, which came before bottles on the cape. (Although unfortunately covid has provided an opportunity for the fossil fuel lobby to astroterf resistance to it again, and has generally resulted in lax enforcement)

Plastic waste is a profound environmental issue locally and globally so here is a thread to discuss updates to the fight to address it: