Public Art in Worcester


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Jun 1, 2019
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Some photos from a walk around Worcester this weekend. It's been several years since I've really walked around here, and there seems to be A LOT of new public art that generally looks fantastic! I know Lynn gets a lot of attention for its public art program and various murals (rightfully so), but Worcester definitely seems to have something good going on in that department as well.

(Of course, Turtle Boy will remain my favorite!)
Worcester Art 13.JPG
Worcester Art 14.JPG
Worcester Art 10.JPG
Worcester Art 11.JPG
Worcester Art 12.JPG
Worcester Art 8.JPG
Worcester Art 7.JPG
Worcester Art 6.JPG
Worcester Art 5.JPG
Worcester Art 4.JPG
Worcester Art 3.JPG
Worcester Art 2.JPG
Worcester Art 1.JPG
Worcester Art 15.JPG
Worcester Art 9 (Turtle Boy).JPG
Most of these murals (and more!) were done as part of POW! WOW! Worcester over several years. Sadly, Pow Wow has gone away as they moved to other cities, but the impact they had in such a short amount of time was nothing less than amazing.

And are we sure Turtleboy counts as art?