Scituate infill and small developments

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Oct 14, 2009
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Skysail at driftway










“SkySail at Driftway is a 109,842 gross square foot luxury mixed-use development located at 247 Driftway in Scituate, Massachusetts. The project contains 78 rental apartments, 160 parking spaces (exclusive of MBTA parking) and approximately 8,914 square feet of retail and commercial space. Adjacent to the terminus of the MBTA Greenbush Commuter Rail line, The SkySail at Driftway will be a smart growth, transit-oriented and LEED Silver certifiable project. Located minutes from the bustling and picturesque Scituate Harbor, the site offers access to plentiful amenities in Town and convenient access to downtown Boston. Construction commenced May 2021.”
As your photos show, the development looks much better at ground level compared to those drone shots. Directly behind the development is the Scituate Concrete Pipe business and the "transfer station" which is essentially Scituate's dump drop-off. Both of those businesses have been mentioned as possible future development sites, so those two industrial parcels may not be there forever.

This potential development is immediately to the the right of the first drone photo:
S:\Projects\2201 Tedeschi Driftway\DWGS\CAD FILES\TO MORSE\2201_DESIGN PHASE_2023 REVISIONS4 (

This potential development immediately on the opposite side of the Greenbush train station:
S:\Projects\1817-J.Sullivan Driftway\DWGS\REVIT\1817-J.Sullivan Driftway RENDERING (

There are two other Greenbush multi-family housing projects that have been approved and are under construction, so there is a LOT happening in our small town around the train station.

This coming weekend!

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It's a 5-10 minute walk from the Greenbush Train Station, and Untold recommends parking at the T Station anyway since they have very limited parking.

Skysail posted by @stick n move above is still not completed and open. There are no retail locations occupied yet. There are two fairly large multi-family buildings approved by the Planning Board, and one more is very near to an approval. Recently Approved

Scituate has been very active in zoning for the MTBA Communities Act. Unfortunately, there is no sewer near the North Scituate Train Station so all the recent developments have been concentrated around Greenbush Train Station.

Once Skysail is open and occupied, I'll do a little photo tour.
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Great photos! Drone shots must have been done on a Saturday or Sunday. The MBTA train parking is pretty empty on the weekends. However, the main lot is now filling up on week days. The parking in the last drone photo was requested by the MBTA and NOT the developer. The MBTA wanted to maintain a certain number of train parking spaces. The Skysail development has parking underground for the rental units. The parking in the middle of the two buildings is mostly for the retail and commercial, which has no current tenants yet. So, the HUGE lot you see behind the main development is meant for MBTA commuters. The ENTIRE building footprint was built on MBTA parking that was massively overbuilt for the Greenbush Station. It was almost NEVER utilized, so this current development is a major win in my opinion. It will be great to see when it's filled up with commercial, retail, and restaurants.
Greenbush area has sewer? I assume drinking water is from same source as town overall, which has had issues with quality and quantity. I wonder how future development accounts for this.
probably not that much, infrastructure and zoning codes suck so....
The only parking specifically for this development is basically between the two buildings in the photos. All the other parking is MBTA commuter rail parking, except the parking immediately adjacent to the retail and commercial.
Greenbush area has sewer? I assume drinking water is from same source as town overall, which has had issues with quality and quantity. I wonder how future development accounts for this.
YES! Greenbush area all has town sewer. This has been a very controversial discussion in town. Scituate is building a new Water Treatment facility, and it has been working hard to expand the sewer plus stop leaks and infiltration of seawater to the sewer system. As I mentioned in the MBTA Community Zoning Thread however, infrastructure demands have a HUGE impact on any potential zoning and multi-family development in Scituate.
It's becoming more walkable and dense for Scituate. The red rectangle is proposed to be another large condo/rental development with restaurants and retail on the first floor. I've tagged two locations that are supposed to become restaurants. The one at the lower left is being developed by an existing restaurant in town. The Lucky Finn Coffee shop has added quite a bit of activity along a stretch that was previously the South Shore Auto Parts. In the same building is a new General Store and Sandwich shop.

There is still a LOT of parking for the train, but Scituate is trying to make Greenbush more of a walkable village. Skysail is just one of the first of several developments planned for the area.

For increased development potential, you can see all the details on the new Water Treatment plant. It's already over budget, and I believe a new town meeting has been called to request additional funding.

Here is the town meeting to request additional funding: