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If they had added two additional floors (8 instead of 6), it would have been truly epic views for the restaurant, meeting room, and outdoor space (harbor and city views). They should have found the money for it.
I don't think there is such a thing now as building a hotel in Portland with too many rooms.

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This entire project from developer to architect to contractor is embarrassing. And like I stated earlier, had they made the hotel 8 or 9 or 10 stories instead of 6, the courtyard and restaurant/bar views of the harbor and the city would have been the best in the city--as good or better than Top of the East. It would have been Covetrus's and others' corporate go-to for events and happy hours (I believe they share an inside door with the hotel). Do you know why WEX moved from the Maine Mall area to this area? Recruiting and retainment are the primary reasons. The nearby restaurants and their rooftop social area with brews and views of the harbor tend to raise interest. The Olive Garden and Tilted Kilt did not (though the latter does with a few, lol). Someone power wash this thing and get a broom. Love the cinder block look. It gives it that Leavenworth or Rikers Island touch.
This would have been fine for a local branch of Bangor Savings....maybe. The city and developers of the waterfront area need to get their act and time are running out. There's no going back when a hideous project or building is built....especially in a smaller city like Portland.
Ha! I saw them peeling off all the black paneling (I don't know the proper term) a couple weeks ago. Did they make an error during installation that they're trying to fix? No sign that the townhouses are going to be constructed anytime soon on the Newbury Street side either...
It's either a busy office on the top two floors or the cleaning crew is going at it. They really blew it on the hotel part. If it had been 8 floors instead of six, the outdoor courtyard would have had an amazing view of the harbor from the sixth floor and the restaurant, also on the sixth, would have a view over the top (for the skyline) of the condos across the street. As it is now, you look at someone sitting in their living room or walking around in their underwear. And for the outdoor courtyard, it's a view of the top floor of the Residence Inn by Marriott. This is an example of poor development and cheap architecture not understanding this. Yes, two more floors of hotel rooms adds to the cost, but it's hotel rooms and Portland still needs more. You can always find more money for something if you have a good reason and an ability to do the work to get it. And it's still a nice hotel. It could have been Portland's go-to for those wanting dynamic social spaces, especially for companies in town on conventions. The Canopy has great spaces, but at a higher cost.
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