Skyline & Aerial photos | Portland

Helicopter Hero 2.jpg
Imagine this one as a 60 Megapixel photo blown up to welcome passengers to the Jetport. The Jetport definitely undersells Portland as a dynamic and beautiful city. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Such a photogenic city. Its crazy how small the population is for the size that it appears to be, a city like framingham has like 10,000 more people than portland but has 0% of the skyline. I wonder how much growth is in store for the surrounding areas in the future.
Does anyone know the population of the peninsula vs the rest of Portland proper?
From the Bayside Bowl rooftop last night... The SW view is of 52 Hanover "in your face" and not that engaging with the giant loose hanging sales banner and moisture barrier material exposed. Perhaps next summer it will be much better. It was an interesting sunset, and the place was nearly empty. The Elderflower Gimlet was wicked good.

Bayside Bowl rooftop 1.jpg

Bayside Bowl rooftop 2.jpg

Bayside Bowl rooftop 3.jpg
I agree and I'd like to see TC's excellent skyline shot from Peake Island added to Wikipedia. This photo would represent Portland well also but I have no idea on how to make it happen?
Wikipedia deleted my shot from Peaks Island because of its low rez nature. I had it zoomed in from a distance. The only high-quality recent peninsula shots that I can think of to use are from Maine Imaging. But he wants money. You can always call him and perhaps barter or something.
Would the resolution work for the above photo? If so you are welcome to submit it to Wikipedia seeing you have the experience and you can take the credit for it. Even this photo would be a nice addition showing the new tower, waterfront and both of Maine's state flags!
Anyone can submit their own photo to Wikipedia, provided they're willing to do so under what WP considers a Free Content license. People taking down the earlier photo for being low-res aren't official managers, they're public participants who think they're awesome.
Too funny Tom, I just checked out the Wikipedia site you mentioned and that's my photo that has been cropped and claimed to have been taken by GatherRain. No worries, I'm just happy to see the new tower represented in Maine's tallest category behind two church spires!