UMass Amherst Developments

Thanks again, Poolio!

I can't emphasize enough just how much nicer the campus looks now than it did back in 2000-2004.
There are some new buildings on Campus.

The new Newman Catholic Center:

UMass Amherst breaks ground on $125 million engineering laboratory facility

The 78,000-square-foot Sustainable Engineering Laboratories will bring a number of centers and laboratories under one roof.



“The University of Massachusetts Amherst has broken ground on a 78,000-square-foot engineering laboratory facility.

The university says the $125 million Sustainable Engineering Laboratories (SEL) facility is designed to inspire interdisciplinary innovation and unite the research of a number of centers and laboratories under one roof.

Anchoring the building will be university research institutions in sustainable, equitable technology and transportation: the Energy Transition Institute, the Wind Energy Center and the UMass Transportation Center. Also envisioned to be housed there are new hubs for collaboration and innovation, such as an energy data and operations center, ocean energy and energy storage laboratories and an autonomous vehicle technology laboratory.

UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said, “When its doors open, this state-of-the-art facility will be one of the first carbon neutral, geothermal buildings on campus, thereby advancing our UMass Carbon Zero goals and serving as a model for sustainable design and construction.”
UMass graduation last weekend. No construction photos unfortunately.... funny how disinterested most people are in walking 1/2 hour out of their way to look at construction sites. Oh well. I won't bore you with graduation photos, but here are a few random shots from campus, probably my last.