Waldo Hancock Bridge, Bucksport, Maine


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May 25, 2006
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I drove past the new bridge being constructed over the Penobscot River in Bucksport last week. Very, very impressive project. I would have to say it's the most substantial construction project built in the State over the last 10 years (unless you want to count the Turnpike widening).
Check it out at www.waldohancockbridge.com
We drove past that bridge heading to Swan's Island exactly a month ago (July 17) and I was amazed, both by its looks and the fact that it was in Maine. I'm surprised the fiscally irresponsible idiots in Augusta were able to cough up funding for this thing regarding the state's many budget problems. They only had about 5 more feet to complete back when I saw it, and I especially like modern design and the observation tower idea. I sure in a matter of time it will become a Maine landmark. 8)
Can somebody explain why the rendering shows the bridge under construction?

Don't most renderings show the finished project?

Edit: Never mind. I found the finished rendering:

Now I realize there are only so many ways you can build a cable-stay bridge, but....


Cutting it kinda close ain't they?
yeah i agree, that is cuttin' it close. i wonder why something like that couldnt have been built in portland, rather than the retarded bland bridge we got instead. i heard there were plans to make the casco bay bridge taller so that no draw bridge was necessary but too much opposition from west end mansion owners prevented it because they didnt want to lose their view of the water. oh well i guess.
Yeah, because you wouldn't want some tall bridge blocking your view of the water.


This is much better: