What are you listening to now?

^^ Good stuff, a fertile outgrowth of PiL's Flowers of Romance LP. They were an exciting opener for DM on the Violator tour. Certainly beats the hell out of most of today's flaccid laptop-generated music; someone actually had to program a drum machine, splice tape, and perform live. #getoffmydancefloor
Bettye LaVette's blues/soul singing of a great Bob Dylan song. Crazy about her and her rendition:

Fuck...Toots Hibbert is dead. :cry:

Top 5 most memorable albums my parents spun for me growing up in the 80s: Joshua Tree (U2), Sports (Huey Lewis), Synchronicity (Police), Born In The USA (Springsteen), and The Harder They Come Soundtrack w/ Toots. I recently bought a fresh pressing of the soundtrack for my vinyl collection and am very glad I did.

The argument could be made that The Harder They Come was: a.) the most significant "message movie" (the Caribbean is plagued by chronic violence and savage inequities, but the rich whites don't mind so long as their vacations aren't disturbed), b. global cultural phenomenon--it imported reggae from out the Caribbean upon its release in 1973; Bob Marley didn't explode until a worldwide phenomenon until 1976 or so, and c.) best soundtrack, of any English-language movie of the past half-century.
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Fair approximation of what The Clash would've sounded like by 1986 if the Mick Jones bust-up and Cut The Crap had never happened.

(Strummer's tandem vocals are mixed waaaaaay too low here...can only hear him on headphones.)
The Biz is Alive! He is not in good health, but recovering after a stroke last December.

Unfortunately, Prince Markie Dee from the Fat Boys died yesterday, just one day shy of his 53rd birthday. RIP.
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I was unintentionally lead astray! Long live Biz Markie. I had an old friend text me about BM this morning and he mentioned the Fat Boys show in Providence that I missed. That video is still one of the greatest things from the 1980s
My son got us tickets to see Idles at Roadrunner in September