What Is This Forum?


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May 25, 2006
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This new section has been added to provide a forum for new ideas. It is a request for proposals going out to all you amateur and not-so-amateur architects, urban planners, civil and transportation engineers to design a better Boston. If you have a design, scheme or idea that you believe would help make a better city -- whether it be a building design, a neighborhood plan or a chunk of infrastructure -- this is the place to share it.

If you simply want to describe your idea in words, this is perfectly fine. But nothing sells a good idea better than a pretty picture. So I encourage those who post to include some imagery with their proposals.

I'm excited about this new forum and think it can develop into something very cool -- perhaps even something that significantly contributes to the greater discussion on our city's built environment.

Of course, your feedback will help determine how this forum evolves. I look forward to reading your input.