What will fill the too of the old port?



If they built it...

what will go there in the future? anything?
I know you're the master, but that's the ugliest photoshop I've ever seen. And to be technical, that part of the building would have been directly behind Franklin Towers. I'm a little dissapointed with you.
well, it was just microsoft paint that I was using, not photoshop. And I thought that from the angle I took this pic it would have looked something like that, like off to the side, because I thought the tower would have gone on the congress/franklin corner (is that wrong?). anyway, it would have been a REALLY good addition to the city. and we could actually call ourselves a city if we had it without being laughed at. i swear portland must be the most urban "town" in all of america. compare it to framingham massachusetts, which has the same population...
we need something at least this tall. 200 feet, in a 210 zone restriction. :x