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May 25, 2006
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Members are encouraged to nominate what they believe is the worst proposal for a site in the Boston area not under construction. (A proposal cannot win two years in a row)

Last year's winner: 350 Boylston proposal
Greenway Center/Bulfinch Triangle (I think this was proposed last year, but it was significantly redesigned this year)

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Shadow ban... not really a building but sort of an anti-building.
Korean Church over in Brookline Village
New Charlesview
If they build a shorter, fatter, stubbier, value-engineered version of the Filenes tower that would be my choice.
kennedy said:
Korean Church over in Brookline Village

The real problem is that it's way past the proposal stage! Too bad.
I agree that the shadow ban should be on this list.

I also would like to add St. Cecelia's proposed demolition and addition. I'm really becoming very concerned by this current trend of demolishing ornate, century-old buildings in Boston. When did this become acceptable? What makes it even worse is the garbage that is being proposed to take their places.
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