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    Longwood II Residences | 95 St. Alphonsus St. | Mission Hill

    Not much new here but visited this really nice park today by bike and saw this development at the bottom of the hill for which not much seems to have progressed since the last photos on this thread ...
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    COVID-19 in Boston

    Opinion piece in post-covid New York City which will see decreased commercial interest, more local businesses, lower cost of living and become more youthful: i do worry about...
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    COVID-19 in Boston

    Walk to grocery store yesterday in the South End - 0 cars, 1 turkey
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    Coronavirus and its Impacts on Urbanism

    This is not a very encouraging article -
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    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    Were these pictures taken on Wed with a small digital camera? I walked by someone taking photos of the Quinn and thought to myself that could be beeline ... but this person was not flying.
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    Wind in Boston Metro Microclimates

    Article from the globe on this topic - Here is the list: The wind tunnels of Boston 1. Stuart Street between Trinity Place and Clarendon Street (at the base of the former John Hancock Tower) 2...
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    Upcoming Events Jim Aloisi and Ari Ofsevit of TransitMatters discuss the state of transportation in Massachusetts. Join TransitMatters at the Boston University Kilachand Honors College for a discussion with Jim Aloisi and Ari...
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    AB Google Earth Guessing Game

    Part of town that seems to have a lot of character from google earth, but I have not had a reason to visit yet
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    AB Google Earth Guessing Game

    Part of town where most of my events are hosted.
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    The archBoston Meetup Thread

    How about piggy back onto another event to avoid the burden of event planning. Maybe something at the Bsa?
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    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    Did you see the Quinn was 280 units? Everything I have seen said 101 units which surprised me as low for what looks like such a large building.
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    Wind in Boston Metro Microclimates

    I know people in Boston seem unfazed by weather, but as a relative newcomer, the thing that surprised me most was the wind. Boston is the windiest city in the US -
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Sunset from 1 Beacon overlooking the common (one of my favorite views)
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    The New Retail Thread

    Mod Espresso opened inside Modern Relik store off Harrison Ave in South End. Very nice and trendy space for the design district.
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    Educate everyone on a good website...

    Found this page interesting as it’s a well known site- Boston+Cambridge+Brookline = 421 high rises. This is less than Houston which surprised me. And DC plus suburbs like Arlington, Rockville, Tysons, Alexandria, etc gives Chicago a run which was...